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Sadie Campbell

Sadie Campbell can certainly hold her own - from gospel to gritty rock n’ roll to swampy Southern blues and back again, the songstress's sound blends traditional standards with a modern edge, letting loose a creative force that can't be suppressed.

It was while traveling and writing across Europe that Sadie found the trajectory of her evolution. Her return to Canadian home soil brought with it a new vision, supported by volumes of songs she’d written to bring her inner moments to life. Fearless honesty has always been Sadie’s trademark, and she righteously sings it to the wind on her recently released EP Live Young.

Delving into the world of film soundtrack with the EP's first single, Sadie once again proves that there are no barriers for her music. The second single "Closer to the Edge" has been picked up by LG 104.3's hugely popular Blues show, and the music video for "War" was released to critical acclaim and an enthusiastic fan base. Her next single "Don't Love You No More," is the recipient of highly sought Factor support, and is slated for release in the near future.

The diversity of her live performances indicates her mass appeal: performing with Kyprios and the Chaperones, Headwater and Daniel Wesley on stages from Squamish Festival to Shambalah, and recent solo showcase at Honda Celebration of lights' Shorefest, Sadie cuts through genres with fluidity and leaves an impression on every audience she graces.

Drawing influence and inspiration from strong female singers, Sadie’s ready to take her voice - and her live performance - to the next level. After making the final 4 of the coveted Roxy Launch Project and recently playing a sold out show opening for Rodriguez at The Vogue Theatre, Sadie is ready to take that blues rock tone back to the studio. Sadie affirms her mantra to live young, and she puts thought into action by following her dreams with freedom and passion.

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